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Beyond Academics: Essential Strategies for Charter School Leaders

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Experts reveal how they are helping charter school leaders succeed BEYOND ACADEMICS

Are you a charter school leader struggling to manage it all? Running a successful charter school is extremely difficult. Principals are often wearing two, three, or even more hats as they build and manage a successful school. Some can lean on their board for expertise, and others might have strong mentors or national organizations, but for the majority, you learn through painful trial and error. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Grants specialist and former charter school leader, Peggy Downs, has gathered a variety of consultants that support charter schools to create a new resource jam-packed with strategies and information to help you lead your school to success.

Our newest guide, BEYOND ACADEMICS: ESSENTIAL STRATEGIES FOR CHARTER SCHOOL LEADERS, introduces all the topics that were never covered in your principal’s training but are critical for running a successful charter school. Because each contributing author operates in a different field to support school leaders, you’ll find a wide range of information you can’t get anywhere else. In this book, you’ll find these important topics:

  • Your Significant Other is Tired of Hearing You Vent: Why Every School Leader Needs a Leadership Coach
  • Six Sermons: Essentials of Facility Planning
  • A Comprehensive Marketing Guide for Charter Schools
  • Making Your School's Website an Effective Marketing Tool
  • Planning Effective Professional Development: A Year-Long Plan
  • How to Include, Engage, and Empower English Learners
  • Making Math Masters: Why Singapore Math is the Choice of Charters
  • Are You in the F.O.G.? (Fear Of Grants)

The great thing about getting answers from eight different experts is you can learn from every single one of them, and then focus on the answers (and people) that resonate the most with you and your current situation.

As we developed this book, we looked at the biggest challenges school leaders face in running a successful charter school and compiled our advice on how to meet and overcome these challenges successfully.

Download this book now to learn how you can succeed BEYOND ACADEMICS.

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You'll get strategies and information from 8 experts that work directly with charter schools like yours. Available in your choice of ebook format.

Expert Insights at Your Fingertips
Access invaluable knowledge from eight experts in the field, providing practical strategies that go beyond traditional academic concerns to help charter school leaders succeed in various aspects of their roles.
Comprehensive Guidance
This eBook covers essential topics that are often overlooked in typical school leadership training, ensuring you're equipped to tackle various challenges that may arise in your charter school.
Diverse Perspectives
Benefit from a wide range of insights, as each contributing author specializes in a different field related to school leadership, allowing you to explore various perspectives and approaches to common challenges.
Learn from the Best
Discover effective solutions based on real-world experience and expertise, saving you from the trial-and-error process that many charter school leaders face.
Solutions for Common Challenges
Find answers to the most significant challenges faced by school leaders and learn how to overcome them successfully.
Personalized Learning
With insights from multiple experts, you can choose the advice that resonates most with your unique situation and implement strategies that align with your specific needs.
Cost-Efficient Knowledge
While this eBook is offered for free, the option to leave tips is a gracious way for readers to show appreciation for the valuable information it provides.
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Beyond Academics: Essential Strategies for Charter School Leaders

0 ratings
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