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Committee Charge Statement Worksheet

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Are you ready to form your grants committee? 

Empower Your Committee with a Comprehensive Charge Statement!

Is your committee operating without a clear sense of purpose? Don't let that happen. Craft a committee charge statement and give your committee a roadmap to success. A well-defined charge statement outlines your committee's mission, authority, structure, and responsibilities. To ensure transparency and clarity, it's best to seek formal approval from the board of directors.

Your Committee Charge Statement includes five crucial components:

  1. Mission Statement: Define your committee's purpose.
  2. Committee Membership: Specify who's on board.
  3. Authority: Clearly outline decision-making power.
  4. Responsibility: Detail what your committee will handle.
  5. Meeting Schedule: Set the pace for productive collaboration.

Use this handy worksheet to create your committee charge statement. It will not only guide your committee but also help you secure the right grants for your initiatives.

Unlock the potential of your committee for just $5!

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You'll get a 4-page PDF that will guide you through how to develop a strong committee charge statement.

Streamline Committee Success
Craft a clear committee charge statement to ensure your team operates with precision and purpose.
Efficient Decision-Making
Define authority and responsibilities, leading to quicker and more effective decision-making.
Enhanced Transparency
Gain board approval for your charge statement to foster transparency within your organization.
Optimize Committee Performance
Set the stage for productive committee meetings and activities.
Secure Grants with Confidence
A well-defined committee charge statement helps you find and secure the right grants.
Empower Your Committee
Provide your committee with a roadmap for success, ensuring they know their mission and objectives.
Invest in Organizational Clarity
A committee charge statement is an investment in the clarity and focus of your committee's efforts.
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Committee Charge Statement Worksheet

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