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Grant Writing for Impact Bundle

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Grant Writing for Impact e-book + Grant Writing for Impact Workbook PDF


Struggling to find resources for your school? Learn how grants can help you give your students what they need to thrive.

No time for grants? Not sure how to find grants? Wondering how grants fit into your school funding plan? Do you wish there was an easier way to get the supplemental funding your school needs?

Experienced charter school leader and grant writer Peggy Downs has developed a system for creating a funding plan that integrates fundraising, donations, and business support with grant writing.

walks you through the process of clarifying your vision, establishing your grants program, and developing your funding plan. Let her show you exactly how to develop sustainable funding for your school.

With easy to follow tips and links to free resources, you’ll learn how to engage with grantmakers, donors, and businesses to support your school goals.

In this book, you will learn how to:

  • Envision the program you want to develop.
  • Establish systems and teams to support your grants program.
  • Engage partners who share your vision.
  • Execute your plan to meet your goals.
  • Extend your vision with long-term planning.

is the guidebook you need to provide the resources your students deserve.

If you like sharing the great work your school is doing with potential partners who want to support your goals, then you’ll love

Buy and learn how to get funders and donors excited to support your school.


This book is a companion workbook for . This workbook was created because early readers asked for more. They wanted more examples, more checklists, and more guidance for planning and implementing the ideas and strategies found in the book. These tools made sense as a separate workbook, providing you with a place for developing your ideas and planning your program. 

In this book, you’ll learn how to:

  • Focus on the Mission
  • Establish a Grants Committee
  • Identify the Grant’s Values and Priorities
  • Plan Your Project Schedule
  • Analyze Your Grants Program
  • And Much More!

If you are a school director, administrator, board member, or founder looking to establish a successful grants program, the tools in this workbook will make your job easier. Working with the content in this workbook provides all you need to move from wishful thinking to successful reality.

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Grant Writing for Impact Bundle

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