Grant Writing Starter Kit

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Unlock Efficient Grant Writing with the Grant Writing Starter Kit

Are you ready to revolutionize your grant writing process? Imagine streamlining your grant search and kickstarting your proposal creation in a fraction of the time you thought it would take. What if you could harness the expertise of professional grant writers today? Well, now you can.

Introducing the Grant Writing Starter Kit, your comprehensive resource bundle designed to make your grant writing journey seamless. No more hunting for scattered files or searching through emails; everything you need is right here.

What's Inside:

  • 50 Grants for Schools - A Comprehensive Grants List
  • Classroom Grants for Teachers - Grants List
  • Grants Tracker 2.0 - An Excel Spreadsheet to Manage Your Grants
  • Grants Checklist - A Handy Word Document
  • Grant-Writing Worksheet
  • Tips for Success
  • Grants Comparison Chart
  • Visualize Your Grant Program
  • Grant Writer Interview Questions
  • Grants Admin Checklist
  • Quick-Start Guide for School Grants
  • 5 Strategies to Maximize Your Impact Through Grants - Infographic
  • Is Your School Grant-Ready? - Informative Infographic
  • NEW! Common Mistakes in Grant Writing - Eye-Opening Infographic

Get a head start on your grant writing journey today with the Grant Writing Starter Kit. Your path to success begins here.

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My most popular downloads to help you get started working with grants

Save Time
Streamline your grant writing process and save hours of research and preparation.
Professional Resources
Access the same tools and templates used by experienced grant writers in the industry.
Comprehensive Lists
Benefit from 50 carefully curated grants for schools and classroom grants for teachers.
Efficient Tracking
Stay organized with the Grants Tracker 2.0, an Excel spreadsheet to manage your grants effectively.
Simplified Process
Utilize the Grants Checklist and Grant-Writing Worksheet to simplify the proposal creation process.
Visual Aids
Visualize Your Grant Program with our handy Grants Comparison Chart.
Prepare for Interviews
Get ready for grant writer interviews with our comprehensive guide.
Quick-Start Guide
Jumpstart your school grant applications with the Quick-Start Guide.
Readiness Check
Assess if your school is grant-ready with our Is Your School Grant-Ready? Infographic.
Immediate Access
Start your grant writing journey today - all resources are available for immediate download.
Time-Saving Convenience
No need to hunt for scattered files or search through emails; everything you need is conveniently bundled in one kit.
Enhanced Success
Increase your chances of securing funding and accelerating academic achievement for your school or nonprofit organization.
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Grant Writing Starter Kit

1 rating
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